Querybuilder and ContentType bug

SharePoint 2013 introduces the new Content by Search WebPart. This WebPart has the ability to change the Query that is being used for a particular search by pressing the ‘Change Query’ button. This Querybuilder provides us with a few interesting options to alter the query. One that is used pretty often is to show content based on a certain Content Type. See the following screenshot:
QueryBuilder-screenshot 1
Here you see the ‘Property Filter’ which contains the ContentType value. SharePoint helps you and pre-loads all the Content types from the current site. All you have to do is select a content type (for example Page) and click on insert. The result is as shown below:

QueryBuilder-Screenshot 2
Now when you click on ‘Test query’, strangely enough no results are shown.
QueryBuilder-Screenshot 3
Weird right? If you look closely at the Query that has been generated for you, you’ll notice that the Guid of the ContentType is inserted. This guid is obviously not the name of the ContentType and does not match up with the crawled property that is assigned to it. Simply changing ContentType: with ContentTypeId: does the trick! After you click ‘Test Query’ the proper results are now shown:QueryBuilder-Screenshot 4
This is an annoying bug and it can take you a while to figure it out. Hopefully this will be fixed in a feature release!