Fixing double scrollbar issue in SharePoint 2013

Unfortunatly with the arrival of SharePoint 2013, Microsoft still has not fixed one of the most annoying bugs out there: the double scrollbar issue on Public Facing websites. With a few modifications, a great fix for SharePoint 2010 can be applied to SharePoint 2013 as well.

The blogpost describes how to fix this issue for SharePoint 2010, however things are slightly different in SharePoint 2013. For the ribbon there is the user control <PublishingRibbon:PublishingRibbon runat=”server” />. This user control renders the ribbon, but with slightly different CssClasses applied. To make the fix described in the blogpost work, you have to replace all occurrences of #s4-ribbonrow in the css file with #ms-designer-ribbon . Check to make sure the <body> tag has the cssclass=”v4master” applied to it as well.

As a final modification to the blogpost, to make the various SharePoint popups work (insert tag / insert image etc.) you have to add the following CSS styling:
.ms-dlgContent { position:fixed!important; } . Thanks to this post for figuring that out. After that everything works as expected in Chrome/ FireFox / IE when logged in and for anonymous users.