About Vincent Verbeek

Vincent VerbeekVincent Verbeek works as a SharePoint Developer and Consultant for VCode in the Netherlands. He has been helping companies implement their SharePoint intra- and extranet solutions since 2010. He is very passionate about helping companies achieve the most out of their SharePoint implementation, either through custom coding or by cleverly combining SharePoint out-of-the-box functionalities.

Vincent enjoys keeping up-to-date with the most recent developments in the field and as such is a frequent visitor of various SharePoint events.

In his spare time Vincent likes to play video games and watch movies and TV-shows. Vincent is a newly father and enjoys spending time with his child.

About this blog

During his day to day work, Vincent uses multiple blog sites, as well as the official forums to get answers to the questions he has. He decided it was time to give back some of his knowledge to the community and started his own blog. The blog presents his personal opinions which are not necessarily shared by his employer.